About Us

What is Midnite?

Midnite is a mobile game development studio based in Italy. Founded by two brothers who have been making games together since the App Store was first launched, they created an international team led by veterans and young talents.

Creativity and technical skills allow us to build every concept we dream of, while discipline, frameworks and tried work processes enable us to be a hyper-productive team.

We are friendly and humble people who love ideating, implementing, and scaling free-to-play mobile games.


We ended up on Repubblica.it

A major Italian newspaper talked about our passion for video games and hyper-casuals.

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Meet the founders


Midnite was founded by the Vignoni brothers to foster the mobile game development scene in Italy 🇮🇹

We are all over the world


We are an international hybrid work organisation spanning  4️⃣ continents.